A Little About Us

Here at Shazoos, we believe children are the greatest imaginers in the world. We want to create toys that allow kids to be the author of their own stories and our storyland rugs do just that. Our rugs, accessories and characters will become the setting for your child’s next adventure. Made from the finest wool, purest cotton, soft silk and natural wood these toys are heirlooms that will be loved for generations. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Today Shazoos is based in Bali, Indonesia an island and country famed for its natural beauty and skilled artisans. It is here that Shazoos is building the foundations of a new type of toy company. A toy company that promotes imaginative play, sources sustainably and empowers the local community through skills development and employment.

Shazoos is committed to making a genuine difference to those we create for and to those who create for us.

Meet The Creator

Shazoos is the creation of Marieke Snelleman, a passionate crafter and storyteller who wanted to bring imagination back into childhood play.

After the birth of her daughter Sophie, Marieke was constantly on the hunt for open play toys that allowed her child to create her own stories. Before long, Marieke decided to create her own toys, and this was the beginning of Shazoos.

Starting with her crochet animals and characters and eventually designing and making her own rugs, Marieke has seen Shazoos grow from a simple idea to a complete play solution for kids of all ages.