What We Create

At Shazoos we make creative toys for imaginative kids. Our play concept is centered around thoughtfully designed Storyland rugs made to reflect our natural surroundings. We call them Storyland play rugs because they are more than just a floor covering. They are a landscaped world of possibility. And it's like nothing you've ever seen before!

Our Rugs

Each rug is made with 100% natural wool and cotton in multi-sensory colours and textures. There are oceans, beaches and rivers, rock piers and coral reefs, green fields and bushes, sand caves and grass caves, stone bridges and pebble paths. Our rugs invite children to sit and explore a world of their own creation.

The storytelling rugs can be complimented with lots of add-ons to enhance the play experience. However, the rugs are designed to be used as stand-alone storytelling rugs allowing you to add your own toys if you wish.

Vacuum clean your rug regularly to keep it in tip top shape. Stains can also be removed by a damp cloth. However, we make it the rule not to take food or drinks on the rugs.


Our round Farm Storyland Rug is beautifully landscaped with everything an idyllic farm might need: green pastures, 3 bushes and 2 grass caves, a river and a pond, garden paths, a vegetable patch with carrots, cabbages and pumpkins and enough space for other additions such as animals and buildings.

This rug can be combined with the wooden add on set 1 and the wooden water well to start your play. It can also be complimented with the round wooden Joglo house and our Farm Animals Set. Or, of course, any other animals collections you prefer.

Size: 150cm x 150cm

*Crochet animals and wooden accessories sold separately

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Wooden Accessories

All natural handcrafted wooden toys made in Central Java by skilled artisans. Lovingly handcrafted and finished with beeswax, these toys are made to last generations. Our wooden toys can easily be cleaned by wiping them with a damp cloth.

— Joglo Round House —

Our unique Joglo House is inspired by the authentic Javanese round houses in Bali. Extra care is taken to make them sturdy so they will last generations of play. The front of the house shows a façade while the back is left open to allow space for play.

A perfect addition to our ‘On The Farm’ Rug or add the Joglo House to your already existing toy collection.

The Joglo House measures 35 cm diameter and is 26 cm high.

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Crochet Animal

Our cotton animals are purposefully designed and are made with the highest quality Pima cotton from Peru, creating beautifully natural looking and soft feeling toys. Every animal is lovingly handmade by our Balinese community of skilled women. The animals can be purchased as a set and are the perfect size for our rugs and for small hands. They can be washed without losing their shape.

— Farm Animal Set —

Our farm animal collection has 7 animals consisting of Cow, Horse, Donkey, Sheep, Mama Pig, Piglet and Dog. The animals range in height size between 20 cm for the bigger animals (horse, cow, donkey) to 8 cm (dog).

They are the perfect size for little hands and for storytelling and a great addition to our On The Farm Storyland Rug.

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