Creative toys for imaginative kids

We believe children are the greatest imaginers in the world and our toys let their imagination take them where they want. We create storyland rugs, accessories, and characters that allow kids to be the author of their own stories.


How It Works

You can put your own collection together by starting with choosing your Base rug. Every Base rug is designed as a theme: On The Farm, Beach Days, Into the Woods, The land Before Time and Adventure Far. 

Each base rug can be purchased with a wooden add on set to complete the play space. 

Our rugs can also be complimented by four collections of purpose designed crochet animals and characters. These can be purchased as an add on set and are the perfect size for our rugs and for small hands.

Our Toys

At Shazoos we make creative toys for imaginative kids. We create Storyland play rugs which can be complemented with our wooden collection and crochet animal sets.

Base Rugs

— Base Rugs —

Our rugs are made with 100% natural wool and cotton in multi sensory colours and textures that invite children to explore a world of their own.

Wooden Collection

— Wooden Collection —

Our wooden accessories are designed to complete the play space. They can be purchased to add onto the play rug or just to use for free play.

Animal Sets

— Animal Sets —

Four collections of purpose designed crochet animals and characters can be purchased as an add on set or to use on their own.